I have my own personal style that has evolved from classic techniques. I paint in oils on stretched canvas – but with an energy that has little patience for traditional preparations. I like primary colors, the contrast of shadow and light, but that’s just my style. My friend tells me I don’t paint with my wrist, I paint from my elbows. My subject matter is varied, but as a student of human nature, I am always fascinated with portraiture and have been commissioned many times over the years to paint a face and a gesture; to capture that person on a canvas, and am best known for my expressive and insightful portrait oil studies. But I also am drawn to the colorful landscapes of Mexico and have developed a series of paintings from my own photographs of the beautiful cities i’ve visited there. I continue to produce all my work in my studio in Pasadena, California where I live with my husband, or dog, and my big fat brushes.